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This is a home movie from the 1964 cruise that was donated by a member of VF-162, Bill Bailey. Lots of footage of F-8 Crusaders, pilots and crew from the squadron and ships company


Bill sent me a list of some of the guys featured in his home movies. They are:

  • Billy Parker
  • Floyd O'Hallarin
  • Steve Burce
  • C .B. Smith
  • J. W. Harrell
  • Smitty
  • Flint
  • Brymer
  • Marnard
  • Rick Musselman
  • Grimes
  • Lt Dodge, pilot of 204
  • Ltjg Humbert
  • Lcdr Horne
  • Lt Ermis
  • Lcdr Geronime

Please Note: These clips are now in flash format. If you experience stuttering, let the clip
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1964 WestPac Cruise part 1
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1964 WestPac Cruise part 2
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This was a difficult film to enhance in some areas. Above are a couple of before and after shots. It's an improvement at any rate.