USS Oriskany crewmember photo gallery

Below are galleries of photos sent to me by former Oriskany crewmembers, air squadron members or their families. I've tried to enhance the photos whenever possible and I hope you enjoy them. If you have photos of your time aboard and would like to share them, please drop me a note. I'm especially interested in photos showing routine daily shipboard life.

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PH3 Tom Tomlinson shares some of his photos from the 1953-'54 Cruise.

Tom was a Navy photographer staioned aboard the USS Oriskany during the '53/'54 cruise. Tom retired from the Navy in 1972.
Photos by Sgt Philip Polivka USMC

Phil was attached to VMF 212 stationed at Kaneohe, Hi. His squadron was aboard the USS Oriskany for the 1965 WestPac Cruise. These photos were sent to me by Phil's wife, Bonnie. Phil passed away in 1998.
Burial at Sea Ceremony of LCDR Omar R. Ford
These photos
were taken by one of the COD pilots, Deon Fuller, and sent to me by his son, Gary.
These photos were taken by Bill Stoughton during Oriskany's 1960 WestPac cruise.

These photos were taken by Julian "Andy" Moon, ETN2 of OE Div during the 1965, '66 and '67 cruises.

These are color photos donated by Ed Leach, AT2 of VF-193 of the Banshee crash during air operations conducted during the 1953/54 cruise.
This is a series of photos taken by Ron Thomas of a Russian TU-95 "Bear" that overflew the Oriskany during the 1971 cruise.
SF3 Lou Manuel from R Div was aboard the Big "O" from 1965 to 1968 and these are a few of his photos taken during that time.
Reunion 2014 - Topeka Kansas - Photos courtesy of Don Eskesen
  A slideshow of USS Oriskany photos taken over the years. 
A slideshow of USS Oriskany photos collected by Canadian photographer Ray Bean