USS Oriskany launched on 10/13/1945
~The 50's~
Korean War era
3/06/1953 - 2 are killed and 15 injured when a bomb from a landing Corsair explodes on the flight deck of the Oriskany. One of the dead was the cameraman who shot the film.
~The 50's~
Korean War era
Navy jets from USS Oriskany conducting ground attacks in Korea, Feb, 1953.
~The 50's~
Korean War era
Scenes from "Bridges at Toko Ri"
~The 50's~
Korean War era
Scenes from "The Men of the Fighting Lady"
~The 50's~
Korean War era
This is a home movie taken during the 1953/54 cruise by
a member of VF-192. I have it in two 12 minute parts.
Shots include Pearl Harbor, Honolulu & Waikiki, Yokosuka & Itazuke, Japan
as well as scenes taken in Korea. There are lots of air ops shots too of course.
Schatzie, the ships mascot makes a brief appearance also.
~The 50's~
1955 Far East Cruise
This is a home video taken by a member of the Air Dept.,  Joseph P. Ghysels
Air Ops, shots of aircraft going into the barrier, many shots of the flight deck crew and a couple of
shots of the USS Yorktown (CV-10) and USS Midway (CV-41).
Music for this video performed by the UNITED STATES NAVY BAND
~The 60's~
NEW - This is a broadcast quality film I recently found at the National Archives of news clips that were shot aboard the USS Oriskany in early Oct, 1966.
~The 60's~
This is a home movie taken during the 1964 WestPac Cruise
by a member of VF-162, Bill Bailey.
~The 60's~
This is a home movie taken during the 1965 WestPac Cruise
by a member of VF-162, Frank Stees.
~The 60's~
Viet Nam War era
This is a home movie taken during the 1966 cruise by one of the ships
Dentists, Dr. Killinger.
~The 60's~
Featuring home movies taken by Scott Duennes, ADJ2 attached to Helicopter Sq. HC-1 during the 1966 WestPac Cruise. The movies include the rescue of the crew from the "August Moon" during a typhoon. I've also included Scott's personal recollections from that time.

~The 70's~
Viet Nam War era
This is a home movie taken during the 1970 cruise by Jerry Schulte.
This video features not only background music of the day but sound
effects have also been added...crank up the volume & enjoy.

Video quality for this film is excellent

Just added...another movie to the page. This is an underway replenishment
and the Homecoming for Oriskany to San Francisco after the 1970 cruise.

Scenes of the 1966 fire and Burial at Sea Ceremony
with comments by the Skipper, Capt. Iarrobino
The somber beginning of the long journey home for our fellow shipmates who lost their lives during the fire we suffered on Oct 26, 1966.
This video is the burial at sea ceremony for LtCdr Omar Ford.

Excerpt from an Official Navy Training Film

Video featuring "The Saints" Attack Squadron flying the A4 Skyhawk off the USS Oriskany during the years 1965, '66 and '67
Reefing the Oriskany
Scenes from the Discovery Channel program
of this event
This is a slide show I created Feb 14th, 2014 on the reefing of the USS Oriskany. All images used are from the National Archives. I recommend viewing this video full screen and at high definition.
41 years ago October 26th, the USS Oriskany suffered a fire that cost the lives of 44 men.
This is a brief tribute I made to those men.